Hybrid Lashes in Hull

Eyelashes Hybrid Lashes in Hull

Hybrid Lashes in Hull

Do you want to book hybrid lashes in Hull but are not sure what is the difference between them and normal individual lashes? Or maybe What is the difference between Hybrid lashes and Russian volume lashes?


Let’s talk first about individual classic lashes. Individual lashes are not clustered lashes. It’s one individual eyelash extension applied to one natural lash. It gives a more natural mascara look. It helps to visually open your eyes or create a nice eyeliner flick.


Russian volume lash is a totally different technique. When we perform a Russian volume set on our customers, we apply multiple, very thin eyelash extensions to one natural lash. It helps to create a natural fluffy lash look or a denser dramatic look. It all depends on how many extensions we apply on one natural lash – more extensions – create a more dramatic look.



So, what are Hybrid lashes? The hybrid lash set is a mix of classic lashes with a Russian volume. It creates a still natural look but is not too dramatic. Usually, when we create hybrid lash sets, we apply 50 percent of classic lashes and 50 percent of Russian volume lashes.


If you want to book your first Hybrid lashes in Hull, give us a call on 01482 429739

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